CCNA Studies - continued...

I've finally been able to get some time to get back into CCNA studies. Decided to put my GNS3/dynamips setup online, as well as my notes as I make progress. Not sure if it may be useful to anyone as there is already a lot of good resources out there, but I figured this way I'll have access to it online as well instead of getting into the server at home.

Basically at the moment am going through the Training Signal videos that I borrowed off a friend, who is now doing his CCNP. So the labs at the moment are from the videos, by Chris Bryant... he has an awesome blog with lots of videos, tutorials and practise exams -http://thebryantadvantage.blogspot.com.

I started the lab prep work by trying to setup a Frame Relay hub and spoke topology network on GNS3. Speaking of dynamips, its heaps faster to load the IOS if the image has been expanded already. I found Zipeg http://www.zipeg.com quite useful for this purpose.

Anyways, I built a frame relay network on GNS3 and it would not work. So I upgraded to the current version of GNS and tried again. Still no go. Frustrated I posted an angry message on twitter, facebook and linkedin and gave up on this temporarily...

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