Ubuntu 9.10 does not boot up after hibernate!!!

I've been running Ubuntu 9.10 desktp on my HP nx6120 notebook with some success for a little while now. It performs well for my TeX work, occasional web-browsing, VPN, RDP and e-mails. The GUI is enhanced using Mac4Lin. I loved the hibernate feature until late this afternoon when it refused to bootup after hibernating. I would get the splash screen and then nothing... curses!!!.

I managed to find a work-around but am still not sure what the problem was:
  1. Boot up the machine with a rescue CDROM
  2. Confirm the root partition for the Ubuntu install (in my case it was /dev/sda8, although I only have IDE drives)
  3. Boot up the machine and wait for the GRUB prompt
  4. Press "e" to edit the entry
  5. Replace the "root=UUID..." with "root=/dev/..." on the "linux" line entry
  6. Add the entry "no_console_suspend" on the same line
  7. Press the "Tab" key to complete the Emacs edit
  8. Press "Ctrl+x" to continue booting
Once the machine has bootup as normal, edit the GRUB configuration
  1. sudo vi /etc/default/grub 
    1. Edit the file to uncomment GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_UUID
    2. Edit the file to add no_console_suspend in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX
    3. Save the file and exit
  2. sudo /usr/sbin/update-grub


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