Fake ARP Daemon

The Fake ARP Daemon, or FARPD, provides the implementation of a fake ARP daemon for use with HoneyD. It responds to ARP requests for IP addresses modelled using HoneyD, to a specific interface MAC address. FARPD is required to set up HoneyD networks on the test bed. However it has been initially develop for the BSD platform, as a result installation on SysV systems needs a bit of work if compileing from a source tar ball.

  1. wget http://farpd.sourcearchive.com/downloads/0.2-10/farpd 0.2.orig.tar.gz
  2. wget http://farpd.sourcearchive.com/downloads/0.2-10/farpd 0.2-10.diff.gz
  3. tar zxvf farpd 0.2.orig.tar.gz
  4. gunzip farpd 0.2-10.diff.gz
  5. cd farpd-0.2
  6. patch -p1 ¡ ../farpd 0.2-10.diff
  7. mkdir -p /usr/lib/bin
  8. ln -s /usr/bin/dnet-config /usr/lib/bin/dnet-config
  9. ln -s /usr/bin/dnet-config /usr/lib/bin/dumbnet-config
  10. ./configure –with-libdumbnet=/usr/lib –with-libevent=/usr
  11. ln -s /usr/include/dnet.h /usr/include/dumbnet.h
  12. make
  13. sudo make install
Actual unpublished research project can be found at http://eprints.qut.edu.au/39098/

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