Using QUT Secure Access Service (SAS) on Ubuntu

QUT SAS allows QUT students and staff remote access to QUT resources securely. Unix and Unix-like operating systems such as Linux are not supported. The instruction on the QUT ITServices are pretty clear [1]. But I have duplicated some of it here for my reference. I tested the configuration on Ubuntu.

Install VPNC
    1. sudo apt-get install vpnc
Download or create the configuration file
The configuration file can be specified on the command line when executing vpnc, or /etc/vpnc/default.conf and /etc/vpnc.conf will be used. If you only using a single VPNC connection, then save the configuration file as /etc/vpnc.conf
Sample configuration file /etc/vpnc.conf. A sample configuration file is provided below. If you do not have a configuration and simple execute vpnc, you can still establish a connection by supplying the correct input at the prompts.
    1. https://secure.qut.edu.au/itservices/qut/qutservices/qutnetwork/qutsas/off-campus.conf
    2. Edit the configuration file to suit your credentials
Connecting and disconnection
Connecting is done by executing the vpnc command. You can explicity specify the configuration file to use at the command line. If no configuration files are specified and the default configuration files (/etc/vpnc.conf and /etc/vpnc/default.conf) are unavailable, then the application will prompt for input.
  1. /usr/sbin/vpnc /home/users/kush/qut-sas.conf #(connect)
  2. /usr/sbin/vpnc-disconnect #(disconnect)
Sample configuration file
IPSec gateway sas.qut.edu.au
IPSec ID qut
IPSec secret qutaccess
# student number
Xauth username nXXXXXXX
# password
Xauth password XXXXXXXX

  1. https://secure.qut.edu.au/itservices/qut/qutservices/qutnetwork/qutsas/

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