Mildly Amusing

It's only mildly amusing but perhaps more of a disappointment what people are passing off as blogs these days.

Sure everyone has a right to their opinions and an equal right to express them on blogs, but the pretentious content expressed on some blogs is simply misleading and in my opinion an abuse of trust.

Blog readers vest a certain level of trust in bloggers to accurately represent their perception of the common truth. It's simply unbecoming when bloggers make up facts just to support their opinions and claims.

There should definitely some form of blog peer review to rank blogs for their content. Possible criteria proposed could be Factual, Opinion, Technical, etc. or TA for bloggers talking out of their bottoms.

So until some form of peer review, approval and/or ranking is implemented please file this one under Opinion or TA, whichever takes your fancy...

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  1. They apparently start a blog :) Sorry I used the word "facts" since I couldn't think of a synonym for "stuff", I should have explained that such oxymora are to be expected...