When attempting to edit a HTML document, the Microsoft XML editor may be used. However occasionally this may not function correctly and result in high CPU usage by the MSOHTMED.EXE and MSOXMLED.EXE processes. Using Windows TaskManager to kill the processes may not work also.

To correct this change the HTML document editor specified in Internet Options.
Control Panel - Internet Option - Programs tab - HTML editor field

Reverting back to the original setting also work, but I prefer using Vim for Windows to edit my HTML documents anyway :)


  1. Hi,

    You're most welcome. Glad it helped someone.


  2. thanks a lot, i was getting a constant looping in task manager which caused the system to slow. Its fixe dnow. Great article.

  3. I've had issues with msoxmled.exe continually appearing and disappearing in task manager with a handful of processes on show at any one time. The cursor was chronically flickering between the standby pointer graphic and the Windows 7 loading circle. I was experiencing some significant but not crippling slowdown.

    This solution worked for me, cheers. I found there was strangely no default program selected for an XML editor at this time and selecting one (I went with the safe bet of notepad..) immediately caused the problem to cease and a stuck xml file to appear in notepad.